Delicious, healthful, and good for the land.
We produce 100% pastured eggs, poultry, and beef that exceed certified organic and humane animal welfare standards.

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100% Pastured Eggs, Chicken & British White Beef

Graze & Roam is a regenerative farm in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley. We strive to produce premium pastured eggs and pastured poultry, as well as grass-fed, grass-finished British White beef.

By "doing it the hard way" we exceed certified organic and nationally accepted certified animal welfare standards for our eggs, meat birds, and beef. All our animals are provided with personal daily care, Montana-grown organic feeds, no hormones or other toxins, and live the highest quality of life possible. We also employ no-till, organic, chemical-free, and rotational intensive grazing strategies to help sequester carbon and regenerate the soil.

Our mission for Graze & Roam is to become your dependable and trusted local source of healthy and appreciated foods for your plate, as well as being an inspiring gathering space where families, friends, and neighbors can connect, learn, and recharge. Most of all, we want you to feel good about choosing our products for the myriad of benefits they provide your body, and our valley home.

Please visit our store to try what's currently available. Our operations are open to full transparency, so we invite you to book a farm tour to see for yourself how we are working to make our mission a reality.

We look forward to meeting you soon.



There are a lot of jobs on the farm. Meet the team that handles them.


Janis (Joplin)

Janis, a British  White calf, was born on the farm on 5/5/21 and she quickly rose to official farm influencer.  With a CQ (charisma quotient) this high, she will certainly "take another little piece of your heart". You're welcome.


Aengus & Luke

This dynamic livestock guardian dog duo stays busy getting loved on by farm guests, patrolling the pastures day and night, running off pesky predators, and making sure that all weak spots in the fence are identified.


Miss Brenna

Brenna is the chicken whispering visionary, creative mind, brand steward, and overall fashion leader of the farm. She also pounds a mean fence staple, makes amazing Indian food, and can shovel manure with the best of them.

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Farmer Joe

Between silly selfies and farm tours, Joe provides livestock counseling sessions and goofs off with the tractor. He also enjoys therapeutic egg gathering, abusing power tools, and generally acts like a bearded  13-year old boy.