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Delicious, humanely-raised British White beef that's also good for the land.
100% grass-raised & grass-finished exclusively on our Bitterroot Valley ranch.
Our daily practices exceed certified organic & animal welfare standards.




100% Grass-Raised & Grass-Finished British White Beef

Graze & Roam is a regenerative ranch in the heart of Western Montana's Bitterroot Valley. We strive to produce the highest quality beef you can buy while improving the land with each passing season.

British White cattle are known as "self-marbling" on an exclusive grass diet. This means they do not require grain or other types of feed to achieve the mouth-watering rich texture and flavor that is so widely sought after. It takes us 3 years to grow an animal for you, but we believe you'll agree once you taste it that the extra work and time are good investments in a great meal.

All of our animals are provided with personal daily care, chemical-free pastures, fresh Bitterroot Mountain water, shelter, and in winter, tons and tons of Bitterroot Valley grass hay. We do not use growth hormones or routine antibiotics in our animals. By "doing it the hard way" our hands-on operation
 exceeds certified organic and certified animal welfare standards. We love our animals and know every one of them by name. They all receive the highest quality of life possible. We also employ no-till, organic, and intensive grazing strategies to help sequester carbon and regenerate the soil.

Our mission for Graze & Roam is to have you feel good about choosing our products for the many benefits they provide to your body, our community, and the land.

The products we offer are seasonal and change frequently, so check in on occasion to see what's available. Our operations are open to full transparency, so we invite you to book a free ranch tour to see for yourself how we are working to make our mission a reality.

We look forward to meeting you soon!



There are a lot of jobs on the ranch. Meet the team that handles them.


Janis (Joplin)

Janis was the first calf born on the ranch back in 2021. She quickly rose to become the official brand influencer.  With a CQ (charisma quotient) this high, she will certainly "take another little piece of your heart". You're welcome.


Aengus & Luke

This dynamic livestock guardian dog duo stays busy getting loved on by ranch guests, patrolling the pastures day and night, running off pesky predators, and making sure that all weak spots in the fence are identified.


Miss Brenna

Brenna is the calf-whispering visionary, creative mind, brand steward, and overall fashion leader of the ranch. She also pounds a mean fence staple, makes amazing berry crumble, and can shovel manure with the best of them.

_Joe (2)_edited.jpg

Rancher Joe

Between silly selfies and ranch tours, Joe provides livestock counseling sessions and goofs off with the tractor. He also enjoys therapeutic fence repair, losing expensive hand tools, and generally acts like a bearded 13-year-old boy.

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